nEXBit is introducing A Easy Community Friendly Voting System

nEXBit a digital asset exchange from nDEX Network. nEXBit officially launch last month. As previously promised, after the launch of nEXBit.Pro (Its professional version)platform will list 10 projects FREE of cost.

Listing process will start after 15th of February. Already we get enormous requests from community to list their projects. But it is not possible to select some projects from air. For a better solution, #nDEX Network arrange an easy voting system.

Voting and listing process will be simple and clean method which describe below;

1. nEXBit authority will select 5 projects for 7 days to vote and pick 3 out of them

2. Voting will conduct on #Telegram platform

3. To vote their selective project/token, need to join is nDEX Network’s main #Telegram account

4. One person can vote multiple projects with his/her single voting rights for every project

5. Every voter have to stay in community actively until voting period ended

6. To be eligible for FREE listing a project/token needs 5000 vote minimum

7. No disputes will be granted

8. Voting will be counted the last day of that session

9. Highest voted project/token will be nominated for FREE listing


  1. After voting period ended, official email will send out to selected project/token authority with probable listing date
  2. Project/token developer will fill up a listing form provided that email
  3. Project/token developer/CEO will assure sufficient trading volume support from their part
  4. If nEXBit authority will find any disputes like fake information, bad coding etc. are not eligible for listing

We nDEX Network team hope this process of voting and listing will help to build more hassle free crypto currency “exchange-project” eco-system. Every voting events will publish on nDEX Network, nEXBit’s official #twitter as well as here :

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