nDEX Network Unveil a Unique Reward System For Long Run

nDEX Network is distributing it’s 50% profit share as reward distribution to the NDT (30%) & NDX (20%) holders.

Now, we are terminating clause no. 4, 6 & The registration process from previous rule set.

Final rule set is given below:

1. Every account must have minimum 10 Million $ NDX & 100 $NDT through out the month everyday.

2. Profit share distribution will be calculated by numbers of $NDX & $NDT holdings in 30 days average.

3. Number of $NDX & $NDT holdings will be calculated based on average of 30 days.
4. All $NDX & $NDT holdings will be counted only on nEXBit account.

5. All profit reward taker must comply KYC.

6. Reward will be given 4th — 7th of the following month.

7. Reward will be automatically distributed to eligible holders nEXBit addresses.

8. Only eligible reward taker will also be eligible for future partners airdrop*.

9. Profit & Reward related data will be stored on nDEX Network Ltd. Data Bank, which can be accessible by all honorable holders with special permissions / tokens.

10. All calculations will be started officially from 1st February 2019

* nEXBit settle a fixed rule for listing on their exchange which is every partner has to donate some of their respective tokens for our Elite holders.

Distribution Method & Process :

Lets take we earn after deducting all expenditures 300m NDX.
Now we distribute 50% that is 150m
( In February 2019, TEAM have nothing but for community going to distribute full )
5% of 150m is 7500000 NDX will be burned remaining is = 142500000 NDX

Distribution Method:
Let’s take there are 100000 NDT & 2000000000 NDX reward number (Holders count on average basis)
Profit reward share for NDT (30% = 85500000 NDX) 
Profit reward share for NDX (20% = 57000000 NDX)

Per 1 NDT no. reward will be = 855 NDX
Per 1 NDX no. reward will be = 0.0285 NDX

An user XYZ hold 5000 NDT & 80m NDX he will get reward = 6505500 NDX
**For Ethereum distribution process will be same.

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